Superior Features of an Arco Floor Lamp

An Arco floor lamp can be your best bet if you’re looking for quality lighting. Get to know these floor lamps more through this page.

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Achille Castiglioni designed the Arco floor lamp in the year 1962. These designer floor lamps have certain distinctive features which set them apart from ordinary floor lamps. The main features of an Arco floor lamp is its innovative design, which includes a marble base which is rectangular in shape and an arch, which is made up of stainless steel. The arch is very light hood even though it is made up of stainless steel. An aluminium diffuser is another notable feature of an Arco floor lamp.

While discussing about any sort of light source, it is important to keep in mind not only about the durability of the light, but also its elegance, in terms of looks. Another vital point which should not be overlooked is the electricity consumption by the source of light. These contemporary floor lamps are designed so amazingly that they look really exquisite and sophisticated. To save electricity, you may opt for LED floor lamps.

All About The Arco Floor Lamp

Unique Features of an Arco Floor Lamp

These modern floors lamps have diverse features and are well received by a majority of people.

Certain distinguishing features of an Arco floor lamp include:

  • Original Carrara marbles are considered to be not only beautiful in terms of looks, but are durable as well. The base of these lamps are designed using original carrara marble base. The base appears rectangular and the inclusion of marble pieces renders an awesome look to the lamp. The beauty of this original carrara base accentuates the overall look and feel of the lamp to a great extent.
  • An appealing arch is another important trait found in these lamps. This arch is quite strong as it is made up of stainless steel. Weight wise, it is a light one even though stainless steel is used. The arch is connected to one end of the marble base.
  • These lamps appear elegant mainly due to its unique measurements, with a maximum 98.5 inches in terms of height and the diameter of its shades is 11.5 inches. The marble base also comes in standard shapes and sizes, being 9.5 inches wide and 21.5 inches height.


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Additional Information

An Arco floor lamp is available in the market in different designs, sizes and shapes which enables the buyer to choose from a wide variety of products. Generally, ordinary floor lamps are made up of various cheap materials. On the contrary, these lamps are made up of different metals. Therefore, these lamps are bulky and heavy to move from one place to the other, while upgrading the interior décor of the house.

Some varieties of these lamps are ones with multiple heads. In terms of feature, they differ from ordinary lamps as well.  For instance, it has a knob which can switch on or off all the lights, at the same time. The light intensity is easily controllable, which signifies that the brightness or dullness of the lights can be regulated easily.  Learn more about Arcos lighting.

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Switching to an Arco Floor Lamp

All these features prove the superiority of these lamps to others. However, they are generally more expensive.  A good example of a high end Arco floor lamp is this one from Design Within Reach or the Arco Floor Lamp by Flos.  However, you can find very affordable ones as well, such as the Arco Lamp with Round White Marble Base, or the Coaster Contemporary Metal Floor LampThese lamps can be easily bent as per the suitability of the user’s wish. The light of these lamps beautifies the room magically and renders a salubrious ambiance to the user. So to avail that extra bright and comfortable light for the rooms, one should undoubtedly switch to an Arco floor lamp.